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The Inland Empire's Premier Senior Dance & Exercise Program!

Alta Loma Dance Academy is proud to be the new home of the area's finest senior dance and exercise program, The Young @ Heart Tappers!!!

Dancers aged 50+ are invited to take an array of classes & even join in several performance opportunities. Stay active, stay social, & have a blast in The Young @ Heart Program!!!

Meet the Director,
Suellen Lassetter!

Bio Coming Soon!



Beginner Tap

This class is designed for those with little or no previous experience. 

Emphasis on learning the basics, tap terminology, and mastery of simple combinations.

This class does not typically perform with the performing company.

It is recommended that all new students begin in this class regardless of previous experience unless granted director approval for advanced placement.

Intermediate/Advanced Tap

Intermediate level classes are designed for dancers with previous experience. 

Emphasis on learning on improving tap skills, working with different rhythms and styles as well as learning performance routines.

Advanced level classes are designed for dancers with several years of experience and completion of the intermediate class. 

Emphasis on more intricate steps, improving performance quality, and advancing technique. 

Director approval is needed for enrollment at the advanced level. Additionally, it is recommended to enroll in 2 or more classes per week.


This class is designed as a general exercise class for active, older adults. 

Emphasis on stretching, building strength, improving balance and coordination, and having fun!

Class is divided into 3 segments: stretching, working with weights, and ending with low impact simple dance routines.

Students should wear loose fitting comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes. Students are asked to bring their own yoga or exercise mat as well as 2 hand weights of 2lbs, 3lbs, or 5lbs.

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