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Christmas Showcase


Summer Recital Production

About our Shows

At Alta Loma Dance Academy, we take pride in producing two incredible stage performances at professional performing arts venues each season!! Our shows are NOT your average dance recital -- they are incredibly creative, over the top, impeccably executed, and highly entertaining for all! Our shows produce raving fans and our dancers and parents look forward to participating in them and creating lasting memories year after year!!! 

In December each year we produce a Christmas Showcase to kick off the celebration of the Christmas season alongside all our family and friends! This showcase allows our dancers to focus on performance quality while not overwhelming them with highly intricate choreography early in the season. Our Christmas Showcase is our "entry level" performance experience, and requires only a moderate level of commitment both monetarily and in time. 

In June each year we produce our Annual Recital Production and it is our pride and joy of the entire season! This performance highlights the culmination of all our dancers have learned in a full blown, broadway style production! Typically this production will follow a storyline, have highlighted character roles, set pieces, props, special effects, and TONS more!!! Participation is HIGHLY encouraged as we celebrate all the efforts our dancers have put in over the course of the year!!! A higher level of dedication is expected of these cast members as they will also participate in staging, dress, & finale rehearsals alongside their regular class attendance!!! 

BOTH of our stage performances are adored by the masses & tickets tend to sell out quickly!!! Please join our mailing lists & stay tuned here & on our Facebook/Instagram channels for the latest info & details!!! 

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