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Upcoming Events

Does your dancer want perfect splits? Pushing towards a scorpion?

Start the new year strong with our Skill Builder: Flexibility 5 Week Intensive with Ms. Courtney! 


Over the course of 5 weeks, dancers will receive dedicated training surrounding all the elements necessary for greater flexibility! Each 1 hour session will include:

  • Safe and effective dynamic stretch across all muscle groups

  • Strength training to improve and strengthen the muscle groups needed to sustain your dancers newfound flexibility 

  • Balance training to give your dancer the ability to hold their extensions

  • Progressions training to give your dancer the ability to transition in and out of extensions/flexibility skills seamlessly in choreography

Skill Builder: Flexibility Intensive is $125/dancer and will run on Saturdays 9:00-10:00am on the following dates:

  • 1/21

  • 1/28

  • 2/4

  • 2/11

  • 2/18

Dancers must be 7 years old and above! Please wear solid black dance wear, jazz shoes/pirouettes, and hair in a bun for every session! 


We can't wait to see the goals being met & some amazing flexibility skills!! Click the button above to register in your Parent Portal today!!


Skill Building Intensive: Flexibility

Now Enrolling Winter Session: Jan 9 - Mar 20


AcroDance PreSchool
(Ages 3-5)

All dancers must follow level progressions and successfully complete report cards prior to moving forward in the program. Level order is as follows:

1. Yellow

2. Orange
3. Red
4. Green
5. Blue
6. Purple

AcroDance Pre School created by industry leader, Acrobatic Arts is the premier introductory program into the world of AcroDance! This program follows the philosophy of safe, effective progressions for achieving the physical and social skills necessary for healthy early childhood development.


Geared for children aged 3-5, the AcroDance Pre School Program is comprised of six 10 week sessions, each building upon the last and ultimately preparing your dancer to enter Primary Acro at age 6! Throughout each 10 week session, dancers will work towards specific AcroDance goals listed on their report cards. A full report card will permit the student to graduate to the next session -- meaning your child can level up after just 10 weeks of training!The best part -- participation in AcroDance Pre School sets your dancer up for success both in AcroDance as well as Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, & more! 


Dress Code: Any color leotard and shorts or biketard, footless tights, bare feet, and hair in a bun

Now Enrolling Winter Session AcroDance: Jan 9 - Mar 20

Primary AcroDance (6/9) 
Thursday's 3:15-4:00pm

Level 1 AcroDance (6/9)
Wednesday's 3:15-4:00pm

Level 1 AcroDance (8+)
Monday's 7:30-8:15pm